Tuesday, December 7, 2010

John Galliano Spring 2011 RTW

The stage is set. The lights go black. Loud horns begin to play. A bright light illuminates from the end of the runway revealing a statuesque figure. It is at this precise moment you realize, this is more than just another fashion show.

John Galliano Spring 2011 RTW runway show took on another form. It was a performance of sort. The models, dressed exquisitely to perfection, looked almost like canvas’ that Galliano had eloquently touched with his paint brush (ie. his sewing machine) and created masterpieces worthy of recognition. In true Galliano form, the models brought his creations to life giving the audience a show stopping performance at the packed grand Opera Comique.

The muse for the show was the illustrious Maria Lani. Convincing over 50 artist to paint her portrait by passing herself off as an actress starring in a horror film in which the paintings would come to life. But there was no movie and Lani fled to America with the paintings that didn’t sell in Paris and sold them there. The models of Galliano’s show definitely brought Lani to life, each stepping out from one the portraits painted of her wearing only the best.

Somehow, someway Galliano managed to incorporate current fashion trends into his portrayal of Lani. The runway showcased trench-coats in lace-edged leather and shear organza for day-wear and a plethora of extraordinary evening gowns embroidered with silver.

All in all, the show surpassed expectation and reminded fashionistas across the globe why John Galliano is revered as one of the most influential fashion designers of our time. If not for his creative and always artistic fashions telling a story down a runway, who knows where fashion would be. So I would like to thank Galliano for being such an inspiration to the fashion industry as a whole.

To John Galliano! The man that was, the man that is and the man that will forever be a legend …
Pierr Kuame Murphy
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