Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring 2011 Trend Report

Birds chirping, sunlight filling the sky and people taking to the streets. No I am not talking about the next Mary Poppins movie but instead the coming spring season.

After a tumultuous winter, a breath of warm fresh air is most definitely needed. For many the upcoming season shall prove to be one of great importance. But before anyone goes digging up their garden tools, how about preparing for spring inside. And by inside I mean your closet.

Spring 2011 is looking to be an amazing season as it pertains to the realm of fashion. Runway shows are foreshadowing trends that will not only brighten your closet but regroup, revitalize and recenter it as well.
With the budding of the flowers, fashion enthusiast everywhere will be welcomed with a burst of vibrant colors come Spring 2011. A plethora of rainbows have been seen strutting their way down the runways of this season. Such shows include: Burberry Prorsum, Christian Dior, Julien Macdonald and Lanvin just to name a few. No color is too bright nor too out there for this season's trend. One can pair these electrifying colors with each other for a loud, noticeable look or choose a more subtle approach by pairing them with a dark color such as black. But remember the brighter, the better.
Another emerging trend is lace. Whether its detailed on the hem of a dress or the only material used in creating a garment, this trend is a major component of the season. Gracing the runways of Vivienne Westwood, Erdem, Zac Posen, Isabel Marant and countless others, women can use this trend in proving themselves to be fearless in the face of fashion. Accentuating the body through lace accents will be immensely refreshing as the warmer weather consumes us and ultimately bring tasteful attention back to how beautiful the female physique can be.
Get ready to wear sunglasses for two reasons come this Spring: the brightly illuminated sun and the invasion of prints. From Mary Katrantzou and Rochas to Chris Benz and Stella McCartney, dynamically diverse prints have been turning up everywhere. These prints take us back to the days of the 1960s with a modern spin and are a daring step that only the strong can handle. Incorporating them into one's closet will prove to be empowering, showing everyone that you are not afraid. Ultimately this trend is more a test for the fashionistas and fashionistos of the industry. Do you dare to be different?

Be careful as you attend your trips to the park and family barbeque's, another fashion trend of the season is the wearing of white. Alexander Wang, Ann Demeulemeester, Christian Cota and many others are all embracing this clean look in numerous ways. Whether it's all white or a spot of white paired with another trend, for the sake of this season one must step into the light.

The great thing about the Spring 2011 season is that even though it may seem these trends are meant only for women, they apply to men as well. Vibrant colors, lace and sheer garments, prints (floral being a big one) and the wearing of white have all been spotted on menswear runways. These trends and a few others such as meggings, cropped shirts and monokinis are going to take men's fashion to the next level. Can you say evolution?

Like never before fashion is taking a bold stance. Fashionistas and fashionistos need not be afraid of showing off just how far they can go in the name of fashion, even if that means blurring the lines of societal constructs instilled in us from birth. Embrace the unknown, dare to be different and most importantly, stand out.

More and more the fashion industry is reminding us that fashion, in and of itself, is a statement of self-expression and ultimately an art form. It isn't about following these trends religiously, instead it's about taking and making them your own. The industry isn't interested in producing clones or robots but guiding people to the right buys of the season at hand.

Pierr Kuame Murphy

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